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Kids balance bike for Roughchild


The personal project involved collaborating with Roughchild, a motorcycle customization company, to expand their offerings in the premium/luxury segment.

In this project I worked closely with the company's founder, Robert Sabel, to ensure that the designed product aligned with Roughchild's brand aesthetic and image.


14 weeks


Kids product

RC BIKE1_01.png
RC BIKE1_02(1).png

Roughchild is a Los Angeles-based vintage motorcycle shop founded by Robert Sabel. Combining a rugged scrambler aesthetic with the purity of a café racer, Roughchild builds some of the most alluring custom BMW motorcycles in the world.

RC BIKE1_08.png


Roughchild Balance Bike

RC BIKE1_04(1).png

Cultivate brand loyalty for both parents and kids

Cultivate brand loyalty for both parents and kids

The Roughchild consumer has a high regard for style & aesthetic - they would want the same standard for their children

Roughchild's expansion into the kids bike market

Parents & their children often have similar interests, children often look up to their parents. these bikes allow children to be part of the Roughchild lifestyle.

RC BIKE1_05(1).png

Children from 3 to 7 years old

Children aged 3-7 years old with a height range of 90 to 120 cm. High demand for comfort and right size.



Predominantly male, age 35+

The Roughchild consumer is 35+, many of whom have, or are planning on having children.

Target audience

RC BIKE1_06.png

Growing market: worth $898.35 million by 2026

Balance bike market

Balance bike market

The balance bike market share is expected to increase to USD 898.35 million from 2021 to 2026.  Balance bikes are the second highest search growth in children's product. The market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 6.7%.

RC BIKE1_07(1).png

The design language of existing children‘s bicycles on the market today tends to be homogenized, they are brightly colored and look cheap. Our goal is to design a high quality luxury balance bike with a modern retro aesthetic.

Existing balance bike

RC BIKE1_08.png


 Urban Retro

RC BIKE1_09(1).png
RC BIKE1_12(1).png
RC BIKE1_11(1).png
RC BIKE1_10(1).png

Premium for kids

Dedicate to Details

 Form/Surfacing/Design language

RC BIKE1_13.png


Group 1.png
final render 323_5.211.png
final render 323_1.207.png
final render 323_4.210.png
Group 2.png
final render 323_7.213.png
final render 323_8.214.png
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