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Revolutionize mouse usage


2-in-1 mouse: conventional use at desk, handheld remote from distance. Control your computer anywhere with ease and flexibility.


14 weeks


Consumer electronics

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The lifestyle of digital nomads, characterized by the seamless integration of work and life in adaptable home environments, demands flexible, portable productivity tools.


Traditional desk-bound computer mice no longer suffice for this lifestyle; they limit the interaction between users and computers.

What if we design a mouse that can be used away from the desktop?

Regular Mouse

2-in-1 mouse

Group 5.png

Middle Key


Touch Pad

Remote Mouse

Group 4.png

Drawing Key

Switch Device Key

Power Key


User Scenario (Slide Deck)

Slide 16_9 - 73.png
Slide 16_9 - 77.png
Slide 16_9 - 78.png
Slide 16_9 - 79.png
Slide 16_9 - 80.png

FLIP come with a wireless charger

Slide 16_9 - 75.png

CMF experimental

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